Major features are listed for upcoming releases. Other features may be under discussion. If you have any questions you can contact the developers on the Silva irc channel (#silva on freenode) or the silva-dev list.

The general idea of the roadmap is to progressively move away from Zope 2.

  • For maintainability and durability reasons
  • To be able to integrate more recent technology more easily
  • To facilitate access to Silva extension development

Silva 2.3 (done)

  • Migration to Python 2.6 and Zope 2.12
  • Ability to plug Silva into a WSGI server (Paster and Apache mod_wsgi support)
  • New referencing engine using intids, in order to prevent broken internal links
  • Mobile skins with WURFL-based detection
  • SilvaLayout is removed in favor of silva.core.layout

Silva 2.4 (3.0 pre-release)

  • Migration to Python 2.7 and Zope 2.13 (Python 2.6 will still be supported)
  • Official version of the new document content type using CKEditor
  • Ability to convert documents from Silva Document to the new document content type
  • Renovate the folder / publication listing
  • Finish removing SilvaViews views, and deprecate SilvaViews

Silva 3.0

  • The SMI has been rebuilt using Javascript and a REST-like API to make modifications
  • Introduction of support for the Public Content Tree
  • The new SMI is theme-able (for institutional branding)
  • Silva Document is deprecated and removed
  • Silva News is updated not to rely on XMLWidgets
  • ParsedXML, XMLWdigets are deprecated and removed as well
  • SilvaViews and FileSystemSite are removed
  • The Silva legacy layout is removed/replaced with core layout technology

Silva 4.0

  • Reat-time collaboration
  • Full integration of the Public Content Tree (aka marketing links)
  • Mobile and tablet previews (public content tree example)
  • The FileSystem Content Tree will be available
  • More social media components / Silva Media Content
  • Silva Core Design component: integration of the new silva.core.contentlayout in silva.core.layout to use site wide components in Silva skins

SMI performance optimizations

  • Improve folder listing
  • Improve sidebar performances

SMI user interface optimizations

  • Add a search that let you work on its result as if it was a folder listing
  • Add user preferences: possibility to save favorites of search queries and folders for direct access
  • Improve reference lookup interface to include different lookup modes like search or a listing of possible items to select (useful for Silva News interface for instance).


  • WebDav/File system based file upload
  • Silva WebForms
  • CMIS support (client and/or server)