EuroPython 2007

dLCMS: dynamic Learning Content Management System

9 July 2007, Vilnius, Lithuania

Samuel Schluep (Lead Developer), Kit Blake (presenting)


  • Developed at ETH Zurich, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
  • Institut für Hygiene und Arbeitsphysiologie
  • Application built on top of the Silva CMS
  • Offers all the content management advantages
  • Plus technology for e-learning
  • Export to Learning Management Systems

dLCMS export / import options

  • IMS Content Packaging
  • SCORM CP RTE1.2 conformant
  • SCORM CP RTE1.3 conformant
  • Silva XML format
  • Optionally export content and its presentation/skin
  • Import into LMS such as Moodle, WebCT, OLAT, etc.

Who might use the dLCMS?

Two use cases:

  • Professors/teachers in institutions that use an LMS extensively
  • Not: professors/teachers who use an LMS intermittently
  • Professors/teachers who want to offer e-learning but don’t need to learn an LMS

Didactic basis

dLCMS Content Types

Repository content types:

  • Repository
  • Learning Unit
  • Subject
  • Content Element

Using a repository is a ‘placeless’ approach

dLCMS Learning Content Types

  • Section
  • Lesson Element
  • Slide
  • Questionnaire
  • Glossary

Each content type includes (extensive) e-learning metadata

Real World Example

Training course for Silva end users....


Thank you

And thanks to all the contributors