Infrae Software Services


Infrae is a software services company based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The company builds open source solutions for content, asset, and document management, and provides development and integration services using the Python programming language.

This activity is supported by an international network of code, skills, and knowledge.

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Content Management System

Silva is a powerful CMS for organizations that manage multiple or complex websites. Content is stored in clean and futureproof XML, independent of layout and presentation. Many large organizations and universities use Silva, which is released under a BSD license.

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Open Archive Server

MOAI is a platform for aggregating content from different sources, and publishing it via OAI-PMH, the Open Archive Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting. It’s designed for large institutional repositories dealing with assets and relational metadata.

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Mobile Device Middleware

Mobi is a set of WSGI components that interact between a webserver and applications that make mobile data available. Mobi reads the user agent header in requests and categorizes it into one of three device types, then passes the category along.


  1. 18 MarFileSystemSite Update Released
  2. 16 DecCode Moving to GitHub
  3. 27 MayCMIS Components for Plone Released



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