Sprintathon Activity and Achievements

The following list of bullet points gives an indication of the sprint's focus and tasks. For more detailed information see the links in the page above (and the documentation created ;-)


  • Setup core framework
  • Plan minumum interface that is common to both types of workflow
  • Basic stateful process definition (CMF-like workflow)
  • Start scheduling system for managing tasks in a task queue (model for asynchronous actions)


  • Ported ZC text index (from Zope 2 to 3)
  • ZCText index is available stand-alone for ZODB
  • ZCText index bug fixes backported to zope 2
  • Made content indexable (without changing content classes)
  • Worked out a general component architecture for queries
  • Everything except querying hooked up to UI
  • Text index objects can be indexed on adding or by traversing folders
  • A working text index was demonstrated on thursday
  • Query service is in progress
  • Efficient batched queries


  • New naming scheme for API


  • Adapters for various databases (MySQL, Postgres, SAP DB)


There is a now basic UI, based on Plone CSS

Includes general page structure and CSS of the UI skin

Contents view has a navigation tree

  • Dynamic, fold and unfold without reload using javascript
  • Fed by XML

Common tasks action box (most used actions at top)

Implemented add view

Users / Authentication

  • Created user authentication methods
  • Implemented simple sessions
  • Application service
  • Service for managing user data


Worked on documentation infrastructure system

Created docs on:

  • schema
  • security
  • debug mechanism
  • install doc

Use of page templates outside of Zope

Tools for automatic doc generation / interactive documentation

  • Command line inspector
  • Shows what is registered, with command line completion
  • Automatic listing including number of parameters
  • Tab after first parenthesis displays code of item