Formulator 1.13

1.13 (2010/07/15)

  • Compatibility fixes for Zope 2.12 and Python 2.6. Those are the requirements now.

Ported from 1.11 branch:

  • Fix problem with MultiListFields not showing values from request if in unicode mode, as the incoming values from the request did not get converted to unicode in the Field._get_default
  • The "convert_unicode" helper now expects a separate parameter "encoding" instead of assuming utf8 encoding always.

Ported from 1.12 branch:

  • The majority of Widgets now auto-generate an html 'id' attribute for the rendered widget. This 'id' attribute is accessible in page templates via the field/html_id. If the field has an id attribute set in the 'extra' parameter, the value of this attribute is returned, rather than the auto-generated id. The html id and name attributes are now visible in the ZMI edit screen for the fields. The widgets which do not have html_ids are: RadioWidget, MultiCheckBoxWidget, DateTimeWidget. The widgets have a property "has_html_id" that templates can use to determine whether to place a label around the field title.


Filename Release date Size
Products.Formulator-1.13.tar.gz 2010 7 15 16:44:18 116.5 k


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