silva.core.conf 2.3b1

2.3b1 (2010/07/15)

  • define interface to add new contents,
  • improve ZCML directive to work properly with extension which are not Zope Products (but extensions),
  • add default factories for services. Improve Silva content factories,
  • define Silva permission (change, read ...) in this package using ZCML,
  • update syntax and imports for Zope 2.12 and Python 2.6.
  • moved Products.Silva.helpers.makeZMIFilter into silva.core.conf.utils. Marked as deprecated the function in the old location.
  • Grok-based silva objects can now be configured to appear (or not) in the ZMI add list by setting silvaconf.zmiAddable to True or False. Note that where objects appear are dependent on makeZMIFilter (i.e. they don't appear everywhere, and is dependent on the type of content and the object_manager). See the docstring of makeZMIFilter FMI.


Filename Release date Size
silva.core.conf-2.3b1.tar.gz 2010 7 15 18:50:18 14.2 k


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