Silva 2.3.1

Silva 2.3.1 (2010-02-08)

  • Review content priority in the addable list.
  • Add support to automatically compute file extension like for images to files, by adding the correct file extension to the file identifier.
  • Add support for file encoding (gzip, bzip2) to files (this is not charset !).
  • Improve Kupu Silva tools (Link and specially Image tool). Don't show the update button if you can't update / nothing changed in the Image tool.
  • Use the new member service API MemberLookupError to report error in the UI while searching for users.
  • Add a compatibility fix for Zope 2.12 and old stored template in the ZODB.
  • Fix installation of the legacy layout.
  • A reference box have been added in the publish tab to show which content use the current content.
  • The reference lookup widget have been improved to be able to propose the user to add content. For this a new REST API permitting to list addable in a container have been added.
  • The HTML code of the SMI have been improved to be more easily skinable using only CSS (remove hardcoded style for instance).
  • Fix various small bugs.


Filename Release date Size
Products.Silva-2.3.1.tar.gz 2011 2 8 08:25:14 9.4 MB


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