Silva MultiTOC Code Source

Allows Authors to place a listing of the contents of a container that’s located elsewhere in the site. Multiple containers can be listed, one after the other. Authors can choose which Silva content types to list, such as documents, folders, or files.

The listing can be inserted within the document flow like a normal Table of Contents, or encapsulated as a portlet for sidebar content. The rendering matches Silva typographical selectors, and layout is fully controlled by css.

The MultiTOC can also be set to display documents being edited for an accurate preview of unpublished site sections.

Available releases

Release version Release date Release files
MultiTOC CS 0.5 2013 10 2 20:07:46 cs_multitoc.zexp
MultiTOC CS 0.4 2013 10 2 20:07:46 multi_toc-0.4.zexp
MultiTOC CS 0.3 2013 10 2 20:07:46 multi_toc-0.3.zexp
MultiTOC CS 0.2 2013 10 2 20:07:46 multi_toc-0.2.zexp
MultiTOC CS 0.1 2013 10 2 20:07:46 multi_toc-0.1.zexp

License: New BSD