Deprecated package

This product is no longer supported by Infrae. Use it at your own risk and please don’t request support. This product is listed here for archival purposes and developers who are using it.


SilvaStatic is a Silva extension that allows users to export a static copy of content maintained in Silva to an external website. This allows an organization to run Silva to manage content, but export the content to a simple external web server, for instance at an internet provider. The only thing the web server needs to support is the serving of static files. There also needs to be FTP access so the static files can be copied to the server.

In order to install SilvaStatic, you also need to have either wget or httrack installed, and the ftputil python package (download it from

We would like to thank Antropia ( for making SilvaStatic possible.

Available releases

Release version Release date Release files
Silva Static 0.7 2012 9 4 16:34:18 SilvaStatic-0.7.tgz

License: New BSD