DocumentLibrary 1.3


We’ve prepended ‘OAI’ to the old ‘Document Library’ product name. This to help differentiate it from other applications and make the name more easily searchable.

  • The buildout has been updated. See INSTALL.txt for more information, but getting a demo of the Document Library running is just a bootstrap and buildout away!
  • When manually making a document available, the available date is modified to that moment.
  • When manually expiring a document, the expiry date is modified to that moment.
  • There is a "plaintext available" flag in the form now. This allows you to explicitly disable plaintext from being made available. The plaintext is still available in the feed for full-text indexing, however.
  • The mail sending behavior has been simplified and is less failure-prone. No more need to start a mail queue processor manually to receive email.


Filename Release date Size
documentlibrary-1.3.tgz 2007 11 8 16:58:57 170.5 k