Silva 2.2.1

Silva 2.2.1 (2010/12/22)

  • Fix an error when ctypes is installed but libmagic is not (ported from 2.3).
  • Add icons for new offices documents. Fix an icon lookup error in the lookup window.
  • Neatened up the toc rendering.
  • Modified widget for lookupwindow field. Moved delete button to left, expanding textarea (if all options are on the column can get long but that's rare). Changed logic for breaks. Removed table cell sizing. Made unused buttons display:none. Adjusted toolbox title rollover tooltips.
  • Updated opacity settings for image crop window (ported from 2.3).
  • Fixed issue in request PathAdapter which stripped absolute urls even if the url was for netloc other than the silva server (or vhost)
  • Update subscription service to be able to reuse it in extensions (ported from 2.3).
  • Various CSS changes in Kupu UI.
  • Changes in legacy layout CSS (forms, logo).


Filename Release date Size
Products.Silva-2.2.1.tar.gz 2010 12 22 11:45:54 9.3 MB


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