Silva 2.3b1

Silva 2.3b1 (2010/07/16)

  • Users can select a Gravatar image to appear next to their name in Silva.
  • Silva File and Images have been reviewed, HEAD and HTTP headers are now properly implemented. ExtFile storage is considered legacy, please migrate to Blob storage.
  • References are used to link content: Link, Indexer, Ghosts and links, images in Kupu uses it to refer linked content. XML import / export have been updated to work with thoses.
  • z3c.forms have been replaced with Zeam Forms.
  • Silva now uses Python 2.6 and Zope 2.12.
  • Most of Silva contents now properly triggers Zope event when being added/edited.
  • More parts of the SMI have been replaced by Zope views and forms.
  • Tests now use infrae.testing. Functional tests rely on infrae.wsgi.


Filename Release date Size
Products.Silva-2.3b1.tar.gz 2010 7 16 15:47:04 8.6 MB


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