Silva 2.3b2

Silva 2.3b2 (2010/10/27)

  • Members folder is now a BTreeFolder, that improve performance on sites with lot of users. service_members is now an utility.
  • Issues with PIL usages and libmagic have been fixed to work properly on native Windows.
  • tab access has been reimplemented in silva.core.smi. The request role feature has been dropped. The API to add/remove member access has been completely revised.
  • Groups support has been removed in favor of the silva.pas.base implementation.
  • Import/Export of broken references via Silva XML is now possible.
  • The subscription feature moved to a different package It can now be reused in your application to manage email notification.
  • Sidebar cache now uses silva.core.cache.
  • Publication actions (Approve, Reject, Withdraw, Publish) now trigger Zope events.
  • Kupu properties tool has been rebuilt using a REST Zeam Form with the help of zeam.form.silva. It is now much easier to integrate a regular edit form inside Kupu.
  • User settings (change name / email address) have been rebuilt using a REST form with the help of zeam.form.silva.
  • More tests have been improved and modernized, specially functional tests, using infrae.testbrowser. SilvaBrowser has been removed.
  • More views got modernized into Zope views.
  • General usability on refactored screens has been improved (description, access keys, translations).


Filename Release date Size
Products.Silva-2.3b2.tar.gz 2010 10 28 11:25:22 12.4 MB


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