zeam.form.silva 1.1

1.1 (2010/10/27)

  • Review security restriction on add forms and edit forms.
  • Add support for add in position in default add forms.
  • Various improvements in the form code (status feedback), default form templates and i18n.
  • Add a datetime widget based on the JQueryUI datetime picker.
  • Add some Javascript helpers: inline validation via AJAX query on simple form widgets. By default the first required field of a form gets the focus.
  • Add support to create REST forms in a popup in SMI or included in Kupu.
  • Add support for public forms.
  • Add support for zope.interfaces invariant by default in SMI forms.


Filename Release date Size
zeam.form.silva-1.1.tar.gz 2010 10 27 16:47:33 16.1 k


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