zeam.form.silva 2.0b1

2.0b1 (2011/11/10)

  • Update code for Zope 2.13 and Python 2.7.
  • Add a bit HTML 5 support for forms.
  • Uses fanstatic.
  • Inline validation works on more fields now.
  • Popup forms have been updated to work with silva.ui.
  • SMI forms now are REST-based on top of silva.ui.
  • Add a new file upload widget, and a image cropping one, improves other existing widgets.


Filename Release date Size
zeam.form.silva-2.0b1.tar.gz 2011 11 10 16:31:45 37.0 k


FMI contact Sylvain Viollon : thefunny at gmail.com.