infrae.testbrowser 2.0

  • Add the option follow_external_redirect for the standard browser, which let you redirect to a different domain, but that domain is still handled by the wsgi application (this modify browser options to the new domain).
  • Add support for automatic JSON deserialization in a json attribute for the standard browser.
  • Improve expressions: add a type form to create forms out of the result of the expression, add a flag unique that makes possible for an expression to return only one value, or None if the expression didn't match.
  • Improve support for arbitrary http methods by providing data and data_type parameters to the method open for the standard browser.
  • Improve cookie support (support setting and deleting cookies, and multiple cookies).
  • Improve default WSGI environ to support HTTPS variable, if the port is set to 443.
  • Improve Selenium browser support.


Filename Release date Size
infrae.testbrowser-2.0.tar.gz 2012 9 24 11:07:41 45.9 k


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