ZSparklines is basically Joe Gregorio’s excellent spark.py cgi script (1.0.0), where the cgi layer was replaced with a Zope layer, so it can be used as a Zope product. 

It defines two simple views, sparkline_smooth and sparkline_discrete, and an interface, ISparklinedata, which you need to implement in your classes to use the Sparkline views on them. 

If you want to use Sparklines for classes you have no control over, you can just write an adapter to implement the interface.

ZSparklines requires the Python Imaging Library (PIL).

The original cgi version can be found here:


Available releases

Release version Release date Release files
ZSparklines 0.1 2006 10 31 18:18:31 ZSparklines-0.1.tgz

License: New BSD