SilvaNews 2.8b1

SilvaNewsNetwork 2.8b1 (2010-02-01)

New Features

  • First release for Silva 2.2, no longer backwards compatible with prior Silva releases
  • News and Agenda Viewers now have a "Year Range" property which controls the number of years in the past and future wich are displayed in the archive. Attempts to access years outside of this range will raise 404's.
  • SilvaNews has popup calendars for start/end datetimes in the SMI
  • SilvaNews no longer manages it's own upgraders. Upgrading SilvaNews is now tied into the core Silva upgrade process.

New Features ported from SNN 2.7.6

  • removing '<<' and '>>' from links and putting the the html entities in a span
  • adding wrappers for the news and agenda archive content area
  • adding a vertical separator between months

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed issue that made that broken images in news items resulted in failing searches.
  • Added 'unblock' css class to viewer field iterators so links render properly (resulting from removal of the sortable id/class)
  • correct localization datetime issues with rssaggregator's rss/atom feeds and inlineviewer newsprovider.
  • AgendaViewers were pulling the latest number of items, rather than all items in X days.
  • Update last author when an article/agenda item is saved in kupu.


Filename Release date Size
Products.SilvaNews-2.8b1.tar.gz 2010 2 2 18:55:04 249.4 k


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